Monday, October 4, 2010

"They and His ways..."

It's amazing how the good lord
Planned two different lives
Got them to meet at a rafting trip
Maybe to check if they would survive
Through the many months and years
That would come and go
The Lord just showed his brightest smile
When one of them said 'No'

Two somewhat different people
Yet fit perfectly together
Two friends who've roughed it out
In good and stormy weather
Two people who have waited
Till even waiting tired out
Cos when others crossed their minds
They somehow had their doubts

Soon it just dawned on them
That God had the best of plans
That no matter how hard they tried
They'd always end up hand in hand
So the walls fell and love finally got a chance to win
(Well Love had always been there
But somehow it just always got locked in)

Still sinking in the feeling of overwhelm and love
They can't seem to believe, How blessed they really are
A love now known only because of a God who first loved
When undeserving they stood with their eyes looking above
It's hard to comprehend his divine plans and ways
All they know now is this...that...
"Many waters cannot quench love, rivers cannot wash it away.."*

*Song of Solomon 8:7

Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Bichada Yaar'

"Saundi si Khushbu main lipti hui dharti
Shor majati hui karkarati hui bijli
Bheegti Bheegati
Garmi ke gum bhulati
Naye rang naye ehsaas jagaati
Sabko apne aaghosh main samaati
Mere aansuon pe parda girati

Bichde yaar si..

Barsaat hain chali aati
Barsaat hain chali aati..."

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Kuch likh aye fariyaadein
Kuch dil halka kiya
Le kar bus ek chain ki saas
Behte hi the ki ehsaas hua
Kalam main na sihahi thi
Na kagaaz main jor
Phir bhi....
kabhi kabhi undikhe akshar bhi
kitna macha jaate hain shor...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I feel all stifled up
Gasping for breath
words they seem to flow
inwards with nowhere to go
Bouncing here and there they finally lie
Did my inner self just win the match or was it a tie?
Fading images, Fading self
Dust settles down on life's shelf
Wonder what the uproars about?
Wonder what the big mystery?
Why the need to share this human bond
Why not just be....
All the worlds a stage and we mere actors
Then why pretend everything's real and we each others benefactors?
Must it all settle down to this
Must all be shared and known
Must life's little details care for such detailing concerns
Stay still DNA whats with you?!
Why in search for a partner to create another you?
One should suffice to turn the world mad
Ah but the one word is what you never had
Search on you lucky diamond
See how far these actors take you
soon you'll be stiffling up...yearning for something new..

Stay...Be Still...Let them pass you by
Nothing will last..
Not them, not you...not I..

Thursday, May 13, 2010


'Yeh samay kyun cut tha nahi
ye umar bus cut thi rehti hain...
Yahan mann bus bawra hota rehta hain
par sochne se kambahkt rukta nahi...
Bus pal bhar ke liye
mil jaye kutch chaen ke pal
Bus pal bhar ke liye
Haseen ho lamhe
Par kya phayada hai janaab
Jab phir is pal ko guzarta dekh
Hum purane lamho ki talaash main niklenge...'

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Kyun bade ho jaate hain hum?
kyun bud jate hain bandhan?
Kyun rishto ke uljhan ko suljha kar
Phir bhi hairan rehte hain hum?

Is aur kadam bada le
Ya us aur kadam bada
Ghoom ke phir laut ayega tu
Jis aur tera dil hain basa

Is dil ko khuda tum tham lo
Ye nayi dagar chala
Tere siva hain kaun iska
Tujhse behtar rishte kaun samjha

Dil tumne diya hain
Tho aasun bhi saath diye
Tum bhi dukh main roye the
Hum tho khair miti ke bane

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

'My Days & You'

Its hard to get by on a day like today
When words just stiffle up and have nothing to say
The ground beneath groans and shakes
And your just beginning to break.

Questions with no answers explode
Every minute you're staring at another cross road
Did I deserve this?..I Don't think so
But who am I to choose the way a river flows

But On days like today I still get by
I can sit and cry my heart out and wonder why
Why I dont even shake when everything around me crumbles?
Why I manage to keep my step even If I stumble?

Its all because of 'You' who numbers my 'every' day
'You' who is in control when my whole world sways
I have good days and I have bad ones too
But I'll get by I always will because... I have 'You'